The Christmas season is coming and many abandon their diets and start thinking, why else will I gain weight with so much inn and food? Well, Sam Smith has published in his social networks a photo of him without a shirt inviting people to stop the body shaming (the one that maybe your aunt will apply to you at dinner “oh mijit @ you are already more repuestit @).

This singer since its inception has been battling him “to fit into the canons of beauty imposed on society,” however, for some time now he has become a champion of the fight against feeling guilty for taking a few extra pounds or having that Insecurity with your body.

“We already have Christmas. This time of year always causes me problems to accept my body. I love meat pies, also Christmas decoration, but in the end I always worry about discovering that I have gained a little weight ”

“I write this for everyone, but also for me. Let’s make sure to remind our bodies during these holidays that, despite what we weigh, we deserve to be loved and accepted. ”

“Let us love our fluctuating bodies. Look in that mirror and judge that reflection with Christmas kindness. Be gentle with you. This is a daily struggle for me and you are not alone. ”

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