Sam Heughan unrecognizable with his looks, fans fear he will move away from Jamie


Sam Heughan’s fame has definitely grown within the world of cinema and entertainment, and it has all been thanks to the impeccable work he has done since 2014 with his role in Outlander as the Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser. In addition to his defined appearance, the actor has also been giving a lot to talk about by constantly interacting with his followers.

In a recent interview, Sam Heughan confessed that taking on the role of the leader of the Fraser clan is not as easy as it seems, because, in addition to making his fans fall in love, he also had to stay in good shape to make sure he got closer to his brave character.

The actor confessed that despite always wanting to stay in bed, he takes the obligation to wake up early, make a strong espresso and go to the gym. After finishing his exercise routine, he opts for his breakfast shake, which he himself confessed that despite his not-so-attractive appearance, he tastes really good.

But, the athletic appearance of the actor has not always been like this, and a photograph gave away what the appearance of this star really was like. A photograph gave away what Sam Heughan looked like 17 years ago. When he first appeared on screens in 2005, this actor looked completely different.

Said snapshot, he is resurfaced from the BBC’s Scottish drama River City, which aired for the first time in 2002. In this program, the actor landed in the shoes of footballer Andrew Murray. His story also explored a love affair with his on-screen girlfriends and Kelly-Marie Adams (Carmen Pieraccini). Andrew was his favorite footballer and, as the golden son of his parents, his dreams came true when he became the star of the Scottish Premier League.

On the screens, Andrew Murray was a young man born into a millionaire and arrogant family, his family believed that her attraction to Kelly-Marie was a form of rebellion, since they considered it too common. This young man was gradually lost in fame, money and women, however, his personality changed when he fell in love.

In addition to a successful screen career, Sam Heughan spent years in the theater. It was finally his role in Outlander that propelled him to fame, this was this man’s dream come true, because he always dedicated himself to following his instincts.