Salvage Contractors At Horizon Forbidden West: Location And Details


Horizon Forbidden West: We tell you everything you need to know about rescue contractors, their assignments, location, and rewards in Horizon Forbidden West. In addition to a long list of secondary missions and the occasional errand, in Horizon Forbidden West we also find several rescue contracts to complete in exchange for rewards such as special materials and a set of legendary Artificer Oseram armor by completing them all. For this reason, and as part of this complete guide, we help you find and complete all these ransom contracts.

Salvage Contractors: Where to Find Them and Assignments

Luz Baldía Salvage Contractor
In an Oseram camp we will find Larend, with whom to talk so that he orders us a series of rescue contracts with which to start (some will be unlocked after finishing the first ones). Thus, once everything is completed, we will be able to know the location of the following contractors.

Ambush the convoy: as its name suggests, we must prepare a strategy to be able to ambush a convoy and thus get some resources from a fallen Crab.
Alarm antennas: we finish with Hoarders to be able to collect their antennas.
Scavengers: in this case we have to finish off some Assailants and some Junkyards in order to collect their pieces.
Elusive Horntusk: we must fight and defeat a Horntusk, which we can ride optionally (if we have unlocked the corresponding Cauldron).