Salt And Sacrifice Gets Amazing 10-Minute Gameplay


Salt And Sacrifice: Announced during E3 2021, Salt and Sacrifice today received a 10-minute long gameplay video that shows the protagonist facing and escaping from various monsters, including bosses, while hunting for bounties along the way.

The game developed by Ska Studios, which is a sequel to Salt and Sanctuary, was announced during the Summer Game Fest with little fanfare, but was described by many as the “Dark Souls 2D” because of the need to perform rolls to escape opponents, the medieval theme and its apparent high difficulty.

In addition to being able to play it alone, the title features local and online co-op and allows the player to join factions such as the Dawnlight Order and the Shroud Alliance. In fact, studio founder James Silva was very excited about the functionality, which shows the team’s commitment to delivering the best experience possible in multiplayer.

Salt and Sacrifice will be released in early 2022 for PS4, PS5 and PC.


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