Salma Hayek conquers in a blue swimsuit


Up the curves! Salma Hayek became the queen of the seas with a tremendous swimsuit and a great body in view on Instagram, François-Henri Pinault must be more in love than ever

How to conquer a multimillionaire fashion icon tycoon? It seems that Salma Hayek has the answer since François-Henri Pinault has to be most in love with the beautiful actress who does not hesitate to show her curvy figure at the slightest opportunity ; This time, in a nice blue swimsuit that she showed off on Instagram.

Salma Hayek not only conquered François-Henri Pinault, but also surely all her followers on Instagram and became the queen of the seas with her tremendous anatomy.

The famous Hollywood actress has shown on several occasions that age is just a number, because at more than 50 years it looks truly spectacular.

For this photograph that she shared two years ago, the actress chose a two-piece swimsuit in blue and did not use more accessories or makeup to look spectacular, since she only collected her hair with a clip and put on sunglasses.

Salma Hayek looked like a real mermaid and used the beauty of the blue sea as the background of her photography that became her accomplice to look really beautiful.

There wasn’t much to say with such a spectacular panoramic view, so Salma Hayek only put some wave icons next to the image; reactions were immediate and exceeded half a million.

The actress who became famous for the film Frida calls herself proudly Mexican and her curves cannot hide it since she is a true Mexican beauty.

Hayek began her path to fame on Mexican television, with soap operas like New Dawn and Teresa, the famous story of Yolanda Vargas Dulché, to which she gave her own touch with her beauty and mysticism.

After developing in television, the native of Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, had a serious Hollywood goal and knew it would not be easy, but she had the talent and intelligence to achieve it.

Some say that on her way to Hollywood, Salma Hayek faced a huge obstacle Harvey Weinstein. It was after the #MeToo movement that stories of celebrities who ran into him began to be known and one of them is this Mexican.

They point out that the actress was working on the project for the film Frida, the famous Mexican painter whom she herself decided to give life to, when Weinstein told her that she was quite beautiful and suggested that she be with him in a very compromising way; something Salma refused to do.

The projector told her that the project without her would be a failure and by not agreeing to her request, Harvey Weinstein turned her back on her. However, Hayek did not give up and with her own resources and enormous effort, she managed to move the film forward, which became her passport to the top of Hollywood, a huge success in her career.

Many were astonished that the Mexican put aside her beauty to give life to Frida Khalo, a woman characterized by her unibrow and her dramatic story alongside Diego Rivera; However, this role was a success for the famous and showed that her acting talent goes beyond her beauty.

Salma Hayek has proven to be a versatile woman, as she is not only an actress and a fashion icon; but it is also a producer and entrepreneur. One of her most famous projects has been bringing a version of Uggly Betty to American television.

Currently, she has shared that she is a full and beautiful woman at 54 years of age and enjoys the beautiful family that she has formed alongside the fashion mogul and her daughter Valentina Paloma, who has her own prominence by appearing among the most popular children. rich of the world.

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