Sales Figures of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Exceed Expectations


Samsung released its second foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Flip this year after the first foldable smartphone it released last year. Apparently, the sales figures of the device exceeded the company’s expectations.

South Korean technology giant Samsung has introduced its second foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Flip in the past few weeks. The device was launched after its introduction and news about sales figures began to come.

In the latest news about the sales figures of the company’s second foldable smartphone, it is claimed that the Galaxy Z Flip almost ‘sold’. Of course, it is possible to say that the sales figures of the device exceed the expectations of the company. It’s not even us, Jennifer Safruk, vice president of Samsung’s mobile department in Canada.

‘Galaxy Z Flip changes everything’
Jeniffer Safruk said the following about the Galaxy Z Flip: “This phone changes everything. The Canadians’ feedback about the Galaxy Z Flip excited us. Compact, stylish and powerful. Galaxy Z Flip gives users a new perspective on everything a phone can do. ”

We can use the definition of half tablet for Galaxy Fold, which is the first foldable smartphone that Samsung did not achieve the expected success. The device reached an average tablet size when turned on, and turned off to a normal smartphone size when turned off. Galaxy Z Flip has a folding design called ‘oyster shell’, just like Motorola’s first foldable smartphone Razr.

Although some problems related to the durability of the screen were mentioned in the first reports on the phone, it is seen that the devices were evaluated positively in many platforms. So what do you think about the Galaxy Z Flip and foldable smartphones?


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