Sales effects of banned iPhones from WeChat questioned


In recent weeks, we have seen the increase in tone by the American government against some applications of Chinese origin, with the victims being the social network TikTok and the instant communicator WeChat, something that has been worrying analysts due to the risk of relevant impact on American Apple’s recipes.

One of the aspects that has been causing most concern is the possibility that the ban on WeChat will make iPhones “useless” in China, thus encouraging the brand to lose a considerable portion of users in China, having even noticed this in a survey conducted with 1 , 2 million Chinese iPhone users.

In the latest chapter of the controversial deletion of the instant messenger, U.S. President Donald Trump was not too concerned about the impact that actions taken against WeChat could have on Apple’s sales.

This was made clear during a conference held at the White House recently, where he was asked about the concern expressed by US companies and the impact this could have on device sales in China and similar markets.

The question was raised by Bloomberg correspondent Justin Sink and to the surprise of many, President Trump’s first reaction was to respond with a mere “whatever” question.

  • Justin Sink: There is a lot of alarm among American companies about their order on WeChat. Apple, Ford, Disney, they are concerned because it is a great communication platform and payment platform in China, that if you prohibit American companies from working with them, they will not be able to sell iPhones in China or in similar markets.
  • Trump: Whatever.
  • Justin Sink: So you don’t mind …?
  • Trump: We have to do what is good in terms of our country’s security. We were very disappointed in China.

It is worth remembering that the ban on WeChat is still considered confusing, and it is even questioned whether this block would be only for American users or if Apple would be forced to completely remove the application from its app base, which would prevent other nations from accessing the app. .

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With that, we would have an additional problem to discuss, considering that many Chinese currently residing in other countries (including the USA and Brazil) would be prevented from communicating with friends and family who use the app.


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