“Sale of sunset” jokes! Every mistake fans have caught over the seasons: from Kristin’s edited pregnancy drama to Jason’s fake phone call


Blink and you’ll miss it? Sunset Sale offers fans a glamorous glimpse into the real estate world, but the series has also become a topic of conversation due to their on-screen confusion.

After season 4 aired in November 2021, the timeline of Christine Quinn’s pregnancy made headlines. The real estate agent apparently gave birth to two episodes of the season, which made viewers wonder how she filmed certain scenes a few days after an emergency Caesarean section.

Kristina, for her part, called for a montage to show scenes in which she is pregnant later in the season. The reality star also applauded the “fucking painful” comments about her pregnancy, writing in her Instagram story three months later: “This is serious, so hurtful.”

It was unpleasant for the author of the book “How to become a Boss Bitch” to see how she is portrayed based on selected frames. “I feel like there’s definitely favoritism in the editing room, and that’s what the series has, but I’m doing the best I can,” Kristin told Daily Pop in December 2021. — Many times in the show I say certain things, but they don’t want someone else to answer me, so sometimes they shoot a video of the interview. I’m just like, “Why can’t I get a word in sometimes?”

At the time, her ex-girlfriend Mary Fitzgerald responded to fans’ accusations that Kristina wasn’t actually pregnant during filming. “She walked into [the] office and that was the only time I ever saw her pregnant. But, I mean, she was [pregnant]. I understand why people say [she wasn’t] because she was so tiny with just this perfect little bump.

The Netflix personality continued, “I understand why people say [she pretended]. As far as I know, she really [gave birth to a child]. She really was pregnant, but we don’t talk, and I don’t really see her. So I couldn’t say either.”

“Imagine that you have to use fictional rumors about your actors to influence, because no one even cares what happens in your own life. #cantrelate,” she wrote the same month.

A season later, Kristina was again at the center of the drama when Emma Hernan accused her colleague of bribing one of her clients not to work with her. When the season aired on Netflix in April 2022, Kristin closed the claim by tweeting: “30 minutes before the launch of #SellingSunset, enjoy the new season and all its 5,000 fake storylines.”

After a viewer asked why Christina didn’t attend a scheduled meeting with Jason Oppenheim and Mary to discuss her side, she replied: “To a non-existent stage?

Scroll down all the mistakes that fans caught while watching “Sunset Sales”:

Christina ‘s marriage

Season 2 began with Krischel Stause, Heather Ray Young and Mary discussing Kristin’s whirlwind romance with her current husband Christian Richard. After Mary stated that Christina met Christian when he was her client who was still in a relationship with someone else, Christina clarified the timeline.

“Well, actually, it was a little exaggerated, I’m not going to lie,” she said during an interview on “This Morning” with Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby in May 2020. “Actually, I met him through my girlfriend, but Mary told me that he was her client. No, we dated for three months and then bought a house together, but TV is fun.”

Drama about Kristina’s pregnancy

A few days after giving birth in season 4, Kristin shocked the audience when she did extreme yoga moves in front of Davina Potrats. Later, the Texas native explained that she was still pregnant during these scenes and that she was apparently being filmed from the breast so as not to show her tummy.

Vanessa’s List

In the fourth season, viewers get to know Vanessa Villela, a newcomer, when Jason takes Mary to her list in Los Angeles. In the scene where Vanessa shows off the 2,140-square-foot house, the TV first appears on the dresser in the bedroom, and then it becomes a flower in the next frame.

Jason’s phone call to a client

Although Jason appeared to be on the phone with a client during Season 5, fans noted that he had the camera app open instead.

Chelsea Dress Show

TikTok users wondered why Chelsea Lascani’s dress seemed to be held up by elastic bands when she got up to hug Mary at dinner.