Sale of Christine Quinn and Mary Fitzgerald from Sunset: chronology of their friendship and quarrel


An unexpected feud. The friendship of Christine Quinn and Mary Fitzgerald began with the “Sunset Sale”, but soon they stopped seeing eye to eye.

Netflix introduced viewers to real estate agents when Selling Sunset debuted in 2019. At that time, Kristin and Mary were colleagues and best friends behind the scenes. However, everything changed when Krischel Stause joined the Oppenheim group.

In the finale of the first season, Kristin called out Krischel for discussing Mary’s relationship with her then fiance Romain Bonnet. After Mary tried to establish a relationship with Krischel, Kristin said that she felt that her friend was not faithful.

As Mary’s relationship with Crischell strengthened, Kristina began to focus more on her friendship with Davina Potratz. On the eve of the third season, Mary said that she had not spoken to Kristina “for a long time.”

“I’m just trying to keep my distance,” she told Women’s Health magazine in August 2020. — She wasn’t in the office, and I don’t pay much attention to some of the things she says and does. I try not to do that anyway.”

Kristina, for her part, has been focused on her growing family since getting engaged and marrying Christian Richard in 2019. The couple confirmed that they are expecting their first child together in March 2021. At the time, Kristina hinted that she had not received support for her pregnancy from her co-stars, which Mary denied.

“I thought we were fine, but apparently not, I don’t know,” Mary told Page Six that same month. “I won’t be the first person she calls, and she won’t be the first person I call. But I didn’t expect her to react in such a positive and grateful way, and then go to the world and say that I didn’t even acknowledge her pregnancy, because it’s a blatant lie, and I have proof of it.”

The agent noted that she and Kristina were “not so close” when they were preparing for the filming of seasons 4 and 5. be nice,” Mary added.

Later, Kristin told in detail how difficult it was to shoot “Sunset Sale”, being at odds with her colleagues. “I was pregnant in addition to postpartum depression,” she explained to Entertainment Tonight in December 2021, a month after the Season 4 premiere. “I did everything I could with the emotions that I was dealing with at the time and that I’m still dealing with now.”

The author of the book “How to be a Boss Bitch”, who gave birth to her son Christian in May 2020, recalled how during filming she felt “misunderstood” and “constantly attacked.” “The problem I had was that everyone was saying, ‘Oh, well, you know, she’s so skinny.’ She’s like this. She’s like that.” But inside, you know, I had post—traumatic stress disorder,” she shared.

Kristina was “extremely offended” by the way she was treated by other agents. “They make fun of the fact that I was late for the show. — Oh, Christina’s late. Oh, Kristin is late.” And that’s because I literally had panic attacks, and I was worried about my pregnancy and that something would go wrong, because every time I worked, I went to work,” she continued. “It was a lion’s den, and these girls were against me. And it was very, very difficult.”

“But I think the audience will get some clarity as to why we are all in the same place we have been in lately, like with [Kristina].”

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The first season of “Sunset Sale” introduced viewers to Kristin and Mary, as well as their strong friendship. After they used to live together, the couple stayed close throughout the season, working at the same brokerage company.


During the finale of the first season of Selling Sunset, Mary and Christina found themselves on opposite sides in a quarrel. After Christina accused Crisshell of being “fake,” Mary comforted the newcomer.

“I’m good friends with her, but I won’t stand for this shit,” Mary told Crischell, which caused a rift between her and Christina.

february 2019

The second season of “Sunset Sale” showed that Mary and Kristin did not stay close after filming was completed. Mary told Criscell that she didn’t know about Christina’s engagement until she read about it on the Internet.

September 2019

In the third season, Kristin was upset because Mary arranged two bachelorette parties, but invited most of the ladies from the Oppenheim Group only to the first one.

Although Mary tried to explain that the second meeting was not planned, Christina did not believe that this was a misunderstanding. After their quarrel on the screen, Christina tried to make amends and attended Mary’s wedding with Romain.