Saints Row The Third Remastered Wins Trophies For PS5


Saints Row The Third Remastered: If information that emerged last Sunday (16) on the site Exophase ends up being confirmed at some point, the PlayStation 5 will receive a native version of Saints Row The Third Remastered in the future.

The website in question listed all the trophies from the original title (for the PlayStation 4) for Sony’s new platform – 50 in total. It is worth mentioning that the disclosure of lists like this usually only happens when the launch of a title is very close, which leads us to believe that, if confirmed, the arrival of this game on PlayStation 5 should happen in 2021.

So far, neither Sony nor THQ has been made public to confirm or deny the information from Saints Row The Third Remastered, which at the moment should only be treated as a rumor.


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