Saints Row: See Gameplay From The First Reboot Missions In The Series


Saints Row: The reboot of Saints Row is happening, regardless of negative reaction from fans. After the announcement of the new game, which will restart the series’ history, the developer Volition has already made it clear that it will move forward with the game and released a cinematic trailer to give a taste of what’s to come.

Also, this month the folks at Game Informer released a gameplay showcasing the new car combat system and now they return with a new video detailing a little more gameplay from the first tasks faced by members of the Saints gang.

The recording has some excerpts from the Making Rent and Idol Threat missions: in the first, which takes place even before the Saints form the gang, the group performs a robbery to get money and pay the rent; in the second part of the gameplay, we see The Boss rescuing Kevin, who was kidnapped by his former gang, the Idols.

The video explains more about the gameplay with cars, detailing mechanics such as the possibility of pushing opponents off the track or towards obstacles. In addition, it is possible to attach structures to player-controlled vehicles and use them to destroy elements of the environment and enemies that cross the group’s path. We can also take a look at the new finishing moves, especially during the second mission.

The reboot of Saints Row is slated for release on February 25, 2022 with versions for the PlayStation and Xbox family consoles, as well as the PC.


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