Saints Row: How to take pictures


Like many modern video games, Saints Row strives for graphic authenticity. Although there are doubts about what the “new generation” game looks like, the efforts of developers invested in creating a vibrant city of Santo Ileso are undeniable. Thus, Saints Row enjoys the opportunity to transport the player to its most visually impressive places, instructing the player to take some photos.

Unlike the previous parts of the series, Saints Row gives players the opportunity to quickly move around Santo Ileso. However, to do this, the Boss must first take pictures of nearby attractions highlighted on the map. In addition, the game will also regularly challenge the player in a Photo Hunt that rewards the Boss with money and XP for completing. This guide will show players how to use the camera to take photos for a quick trip, complete a mission, or just to create the perfect picture in photo mode.

How to use photo mode in Saints Row

Taking pictures in Saints Row is quite simple. After the introductory quests “First F#@!ing Day”, “Morning Ride” and “Rent Collection”, the game world opens up for exploration, and the player can access his smartphone to accept missions, explore contracts and change the appearance of the boss. From the very beginning, the Camera app is also unlocked, allowing players to take photos of everything they see around them.

To access your smartphone, tap the tab on the keyboard, the touchpad on the PlayStation, and the Menu button on the Xbox. Additionally, players can quickly access the camera app by pressing P on the keyboard or up on the crossbar on PlayStation and Xbox.

By opening the Camera app, players will have several opportunities to improve their shots to complete quests or take pictures of great Saints Row Easter eggs. Using the mouse wheel on a PC or triggers on PlayStation and Xbox will allow players to zoom in and out to get everything they want in the frame.

Additionally, players can clear their HUD to make clean images by pressing the R button on the keyboard, Square on the PlayStation, or X on the Xbox. Finally, players can take pictures using the space bar on the keyboard, X on PlayStation and A on Xbox.

For side effects related to photographing, players must be close enough to the landmark for a square to appear. Then they will need to center the image and make sure they are at the right distance for the photo to align. By taking a picture, you will reward the Boss with XP and potentially unlock a new quick-move point to move around Santo Ileso quickly.

Saints Row is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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