Saints Row: How to set up weapons


The Saints Row series has always allowed for a huge amount of customization, especially when it came to weapons. From purple-colored bat sex toys to beatboxes capable of blowing up heads, Saints Row has never shied away from spectacular and unnecessary demonstrations of destruction. This extends to how players can change the look of their weapons through various model changes, stickers, and custom colors.

The new Saints Row takes players from the familiar places of Stillwater and Steelport to the southwestern city of Santo Ileso. Despite all the somewhat contradictory changes that Saints Row makes to the series, this trademark customization is still present. This guide will show players how to customize weapons to get the maximum amount of style points.

How to set up weapons in Saints Row
Find a friendly Fire shop

To customize weapons, players must first complete the basic missions “First F#@!ing Day”, “Morning Commute” and “Making Rent”, after which Saints Row will open for exploration.

After reaching this stage, players can visit any Friendly Fire store on the map, marked with a green icon with a gun in the center. It is in these stores that players can customize their weapons to their liking.

After entering the store and interacting with the counter, a list of weapons will appear, which can be sorted by type. Here players can fully customize their own weapons with the help of unique paints, improve their weapons or buy new ones.

Playing with weapons

Weapon customization in Saints Row offers a wide choice, allowing players to change not only the color of their weapons, but also their shape. In addition, players can also choose from a variety of decals and weapon designs for decoration.

To do this, simply select the desired weapon, scroll down to “Customize” and select one of the many options. Choosing a “Visual Mod” will allow players to make one weapon look like another, and choosing a “Material” will allow players to equip advanced materials after the criminal adventure is unlocked.

“Weapon Colors” give players the ability to fine-tune weapon colors, and “Surface Parameters” change the values of the metallic luster and luster of each part of the weapon. Both the “Weapon Sticker” and “Weapon Samples” tabs offer the player a choice of preset decorations for weapons. Finally, it remains possible to “Reset the changes” to return the weapon to its original appearance.

As players explore the vast open world of Saints Row by completing quests and side-actions, they will unlock more items to customize weapons. In addition, as players continue to level up, Friendly Fire will offer more and more powerful weapons to purchase, customize, and upgrade.

Saints Row is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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