Saints Row: How to play with friends


The Saints Row series, like many previous games, is best played with friends. The patented chaos of the series really shines through with such iconic characters as Shawndy and Johnny Get, who accompany the Boss in his trials and tribulations. The soft reboot of Saints Row is a new take on the Saints from Third Street, with brand new characters and friends. Although there have been many changes to the game, one of the returning features is the cooperative mode.

The basis of the series since its inception. The cooperative allows Saints Row owners to communicate with other players, wreak havoc and complete certain missions together. However, unlike the Saints Row predecessors, this game offers more customization and freedom than ever before. This guide will show players how to enable a cooperative multiplayer game in Saints Row and play it.

How to play Saints Row with Friends

As in the previous games in the series, the co-op game is available from the very beginning in the new Saints Row. When the game is first launched in the main menu, players can access both the “Campaign” and the “Joint Campaign”. By choosing the latter option, players will be taken to a separate menu with several options.

First, the players must decide how they want to participate in a cooperative game, as they can either organize a game or join another player. Hosting the game will allow players to select an existing save to immediately proceed to action with another player, while choosing “Host a new game” will create a new save from which players can start the game.

When playing a joint game, open the pause menu and select “Joint Game”. From here, players can invite their friends from the list and change their settings. In addition, players wishing to join a friend’s game can also do so either from the pause menu or from the main menu, again offering players a list of friends to join.

Those who want to join a random person’s game can do so using the “Player Selection” option in the main menu, which will unite players without restrictions in the selection of players. This, of course, involves a little more risk, but it can still be interesting for those who want to establish a connection.

These modes can be configured using the “Co-op Settings” option in the pause menu, which allows players to change their privacy settings, switch friendly fire, and allow staff personalization and drawing when they become available later in the Saints Row story.

Unfortunately, at the time of launch, the crossplay is not available, so Saints Row players on PC cannot join PlayStation games. The intergenerational game is still available, allowing PS4 players, for example, to join PS5 players, although not without an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus.

In addition, the Saints Row co-op mode allows only two players to play in one game, which means that hosts with a large number of friends will not be able to invite them all.

Saints Row is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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