Saints Row Gets a New Review Trailer Before Launch


At the time of writing this article, there are less than two weeks left before the reboot of the game, and in this new title, fans will take the place of a new Boss, creating Saints in the new city of Santo Ileso. rebooting that the franchise has reached insane proportions with Saints Row 4, rebooting is a smart move and many fans are excited. This does not mean that the road to release has not been thorny, but, judging by everything that has been shown so far, it seems that fans are waiting for a real pleasure.

On the eve of the upcoming launch, Deep Silver and Will have released a new trailer for Saints Row. This gives fans a general overview of everything they can expect in the game, so it should be a good help to anyone who needs a quick update.

Indeed, this review trailer is incredibly detailed and touches on almost all the main features available in the upcoming game. Saints Row: Panthers, Idols, Marshalls. Saints Row, starting from the boss and personal setup and ending with a comprehensive car setup. And on top of that, of course, there are some nice looks at the fight and mentions of its joint functions. It really covers a lot in six minutes, and fans can see for themselves below.

The video also discusses the new “Criminal Enterprises” feature, “Saint Row”. Of course, this is a way to bring back elements beloved by fans, such as insurance fraud, but it also shows how the Saints have created their criminal empire, directly influence the streets of Santo Ileso and otherwise demonstrate their rise to power. These business fronts are all part of Eli’s plan, and they are all perfectly connected to the main theme of “becoming your own boss” in the holy lines.

Of course, no one expects it to be easy, and fans will face a lot of resistance along the way. Fortunately, the Holy Strings players will not be alone, they will be joined by their friends, the Saints’ roommates and co-founders: Eli, Kevin and Nina.

Saints Row is released on August 23 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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