Saints Row Fire Hydrants Allow Players to Experience Time on the Air


Fans are finding creative ways to solve some side-effects in Saints Row, and one in particular could give players an edge in the Ultimate Speed challenge. Since its introduction in 2021, the Saints Row reboot by Volition has caused a lot of controversy. While many unfairly criticized the visual style of the game after the announcement of the trailer, everything gradually changed after the release of new trailers, as well as an extensive game customization tool that allows people to be able to create their ideal boss character long before the launch of the game.

While there may have been a lot of issues in the Saints Row launch, the game managed to bring back a lot of the wild side that fans of the franchise expected. This includes things like insurance fraud, where a player tries to get hit by a car for a certain period of time to earn money from insurance to more traditional things like racing or delivering various items to individuals. Players can also complete tasks that not only lead to achievements and trophies, but are also necessary to unlock all 34 privileges in Saints Row.

Some of these tasks are quite simple, like buying a hat or driving a certain distance. However, some require a bit of patience or perhaps a place that makes their completion much easier than intended. One of these tasks, called “Ultimate Speed”, challenges players to get airtime in a vehicle as they drive along the northern part of Lakeshore to Santo Ileso. One of the Saints Row subreddit users named OddToddLeather demonstrated an easy way to achieve this by using fire hydrants in the area.

Hydrants with air cheese for Lakeshore North — 20 seconds each from SaintsRow

A short clip of Saints Row shows how their small car is, in fact, moving upwards by the force of water from a fire hydrant. In fact, players have to slowly approach and drive through it while holding the drift button. OddToddLeather pointed out that with a small and light machine, players can get about 29 seconds on the hydrant and even get a few flips and somersaults.

While the comments appreciated the helpful tip, another user named rebillihp also mentioned that using a car with jump capability also makes a difference as long as it stays in place. Although the earned time is much shorter than when using a hydrant, the player does not need to line up a hydrant every time or drive to find a new one, so players can quickly earn time much faster.

Naturally, the physics of cars in Saints Row tends to be more unrealistic, allowing players to make truly outrageous movements, especially with cars with unique characteristic abilities. Everyone will find something for themselves, as Saints Row has a wide selection of interesting vehicles: tanks, classic cars, monster trucks, speedsters and almost everything in between.

Saints Row is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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