Saints Row: Everything You Need to Know about Marshalls


Marshall Defense Industries, known simply as Marshalls, is one of the enemy factions that the player will face in Saints Row. They will also have to contend with the Los Panteros motor gang and anti-capitalist idols, but Marshall may pose the greatest threat. Because this is not a gang, but a private army.

Saints Row relaunches the franchise, taking players back to a time when Saints don’t exist and watching them rise in the new city of Santo Ileso. With the Saints Row release date approaching, many may be curious to know about these factions, and Marshall is quite interesting.

Marshall Defense Industries: Private military

Fans of a private military corporation will fight with better equipped enemies and powerful forces. Publicly, Marshall has enough lawyers and a powerful enough public relations team that the world seems to think that everything is going up and up, but of course there is no one in the Saints Row world. The only thing Marshall can’t hide is the state of Santo Ilezo. If Marshall’s backyard is not controlled, it will damage his reputation around the world, and Marshall cannot allow that. Add to that the fact that the Saints are striving to become their own Bosses, and it’s a powder keg for face-to-face. However, Marshall largely controls the city as Marshall Defense Industries actively promotes its business through local businesses. Marshall Defense Industries will have the best weapons, the latest technology and forces that will be the biggest threat the Saints will face.

Boss vs. Atticus Marshall

Of course, the battle between Marshalls and Saints is more than just a power play; it’s a showdown between two bosses. The new boss of Saints Row is a former Marshall employee, and during the first events of the game he will fulfill some contracts for Marshall. However, this is not enough to pay rent in Santo Ileso, which leads to the continuation of the Boss’ criminal activities. Nevertheless, the boss and CEO Atticus Marshall will meet face to face, and it will be interesting to see how this will affect the plot and the confrontation of one boss with another.

At first glance, Marshall is a rancher selling weapons, but in fact he is not afraid to dirty the hands of his army. While the new Boss acts with Eli, Kevin, Nina and the whole gang in mind, Marshall acts only for Marshall. While there are other contenders trying to determine the future of Santo Ileso, Los Pantheros and Idols again, the Saints’ hardest fight may be against this private army.

Saints Row is released on August 23 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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