Saints Row: Everything You need to Know about Los Pantheros


Saints Row is only a few weeks away from being released, which means fans will take on the role of a new Boss as the Saints reinvent themselves for the first time in Santo Ileso. The Saints have faced opposition many times in the past, and this is no exception. In addition to the Santo Ileso police, Saints Row players have three main factions to watch their backs for.

This is the cult of the anti-capitalist revolutionaries The Idols, and the militant Marshall Industries, and the rude and cool Los Panteros. These gangs represent the main time intervals in the Saints’ rise to power, so it may be appropriate to make a brief overview before the release of Saints Rows.

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Saints Row: The Los Pantheros Gang

Of the three enemy factions in Saints Row, Los Panteros are the most gang-like. Marshalls are, in fact, private military, and Idols are more of a fanatical cult. However, make no mistake, Los Panteros is a gang. Los Panteros want to control their territory, and perhaps even more, in Santo Ileso, and it is this source of conflict that is demonstrated by the recently shown Saints Row mission opposing the Los Panteros Boss. All of them are also big motorists, and there is a place called the Forge where they produce cars with superhuman speed.

Again, since Marshall was in the military and The Idols cared more about raves than control, Los Panteros is the most dominant gang in Saints Row (before the Saints came to power). They are led by Sergio Velez, who has established the general tactics of physical intimidation of Los Panteros. Many of these enemies will be tanks and strong opponents who are more likely to grab a baseball bat than a gun. Moreover, because of Sergio’s insistence but hypocrisy on the family, the gang looks more like a personal crime syndicate than a public institution.

This is Sergio, with whom Nina is at odds in Saints Row. As players learn, all of the Boss’s companions, except Eli, came from different gangs before forming the Saints. Nina was the best driver in Los Panteros and in all of Santo Ileso, so her departure to another faction is probably a kind of disrespect that Sergio cannot tolerate. This is probably one of the many reasons why players will encounter him in the game, but how it all shakes out remains up in the air.

Saints Row is released on August 23 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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