Saints Row: Everything You Need to Know about Kevin


The previous saints were distinguished from the game by pompous humor, chaotic action and incredible characters. “Will”, “Deep Silver”, “Saints Row”. Fans won’t have to wait that long to see what the new and (hopefully) improved holy strings will turn out to be, but Will has also revealed a lot of intriguing details ahead of the upcoming launch of the game.

In the next line of saints, the action will move to a brand new location, Santo Ileso, inspired by Las Vegas. Players will need to capture areas of the city and defeat the various gangs that currently control them, trying to create their own criminal empire. The player’s boss will form his own gang, mostly from former members of rival groups such as Los Panteros, Idols and Marshall Defense Industries. Among the new team there are several main characters who will help the players in their mission, including the fugitive driver Nina, entrepreneur Eli and DJ Kevin.

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Introducing Kevin

Each founding member of the Boss’s team has their own unique personality and skill set. Nina is a driver and mechanic with knowledge of Los Panteros, Eli is a smart person with a Master of Business Administration degree behind him who deals with the planning and business needs of the group, and Kevin is a music lover, an adrenaline junkie who helps organize the robberies of the team. Like the other main characters, Kevin had a hard time. He grew up without parents, and he had to navigate the foster care system, and as a result he developed a personality that is desperate to please.

Kevin also has a passion for cooking—another thing he acquired during his time in foster care to ingratiate himself with people. He is very loyal and should prove to be a very valuable crew member, if only because of his delicious chili con carne. Saints Row, because he is both pansexual and polyamorous. Kevin seems like the right companion to help players out of a predicament, with his seemingly endless connections, willingness to rush into any adventure and unquestionable loyalty to his friends.

DJ with a penchant for partying

From the first commercial, players can see that Kevin is the comic character of the team, with his exciting tricks and cheeky humor. As an infamous DJ local and Santo Ilezo, Kevin knows everyone worth knowing and is a former member of Idols, an anarchist cult full of partygoers. He joined Idols, and he liked their chaotic approach to recruitment and their increasingly crazy tricks, and he liked their chaotic approach to recruitment and their increasingly crazy tricks. His list of charges includes various offenses such as vandalism, damage to the property of the district building and public order violations, which indicates his disregard for the authorities and approval of the hoax.

However, he began to become disillusioned with the gang after the leadership began to live in luxury, while other members had to live in communes. After being asked to choose between idols and his friends, Kevin demonstrated his loyal nature by sticking with his friends. Just like Eli and Nina, Kevin begins the holy lines as one of the player character’s roommates, and then works together with a group of losers to help the main character build his reputation as the most famous crime boss of Santo Ileso and found a cult gang of saints.

Saints Row will be released on August 23, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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