Saints Row: Each main story mission


Saints Row is a pretty big game if players want to go through all the content to the last one. With all the side missions, hustle and adventure, players will be busy exploring and creating chaos in the city of Santos Ileso. However, if players want to quickly go through all the content and complete the main story, this is definitely doable.

In total, there are 21 main story missions in Saints Row 2022. Some of them will include secondary tasks, such as a trip around Santo Ilezo, while others will include huge memorable plot points. There are missions to help improve the Criminal Empire of the Saints, as well as missions in which players relax with their homies and build friendships with them.

Each main story mission

All the main story missions in Saints Row 2022 are listed below. These missions advance the main plot and continue the plot of building a criminal empire in Santo Ileso.

First F#:!ing Day Morning Business Trip Rent Collection Challenge Yourself Observe and report on part of the action Peter’s Principle Be Your Own Boss Take Me to Church Networking Aggressive Recruiting The Frontier Donut Run Corporate Retreat The Great Train Robbery Going Overboard Non-Competition Clause Weekend Package After Party at Noon

In general, the passage of the main plot of Saints Row will take from 10 to 15 hours, depending on the travel time and whether the players are engaged in side actions. This will advance the whole story, but will not advance the player’s communication with friends. To improve the player’s relationship with their friends, they will need to complete side missions of each friend.

Mission “Every friend”

For each of the player’s friends, there is a set of bonus side missions that will bring money and experience, as well as deliver side story content to the players. They will be able to find each side mission for each friend from the list below:


Shootin’ The Shit The Dustmoot The Rod Warrior In The Breach


Nina’s Car is an appreciation of the art of the Forge


Office Décor Idol Threat The Fast and the Foodiest Idol Hands

Each of these missions will gradually open up as the story progresses and is not mandatory to complete the game. However, they can upgrade players’ allies with various weapons and abilities.

Fuss from all sides in Saints Row

Another form of content available in Saints Row is Side Hustles, which are mini—games in which the player can participate for experience, money and other various goodies.

Riding a Shotgun Pony Express Wingsuit Saboteur @tcha Choplifting

All of these Side Hustles can be found all over the Santo Ileso map and will offer various improvements for the boss, such as vehicle and weapon samples, wingsuit design, as well as some vehicles and some of the best Saints Row weapons.

Saints Row is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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