Saints Row: A Car named Simone Hyde by Achievements


There are quite a few tricky trophies in Saints Row, but no more than a “Car named Simone”. Unlike most of Saints Row’s other achievements, which can usually be unlocked by participating in the game’s main plot or additional content, “A Car named Simone” requires players to perform a quad backflip while driving with Super Air Control: a feat that is much easier to say. than done.

To perform a quad backflip, players will need a vehicle with access to the proprietary Super Air Control ability. They will then need to find a good place to perform the trick before performing the maneuver perfectly. It’s far from easy, but after a little practice and the help of a good guide, Saints Row players will be able to unlock the “Car named Simone” achievement without any problems.

How to unlock the achievement “Car named Simone” in Saints Row (2022)

There are several different vehicles with access to the proprietary Super Air Control capability, but the easiest way is to get hold of the Ant RS gas buggy. Players can unlock this quite early in the game by completing the first Pony Express Side Hustle quest in Smelterville West. After that, they will be able to summon an ant by visiting Jim Rob’s house or garage in a church/apartment.

To unlock Super Air Control, players will need to perform two double backflips, which is easy to do by driving at full speed into a cliff or ramp and then holding the left analog stick in the air. Those who have problems should add Nitrous and Offroad kits to the Ant using the garage setup menu, as the additional speed will make life much easier both now and in the future. If they can’t afford it, they can make some money using one of the @tcha Side Hustles crafts.

After performing two double backflips, players will receive a message on the screen informing them that the proprietary Super Air Control ability has been unlocked. However, before they can use it, they first need to go to Jim Rob’s garage to turn it on. While they’re there, they might want to add a nitrogen kit to Ant if they haven’t already. Installing an upgrade kit or two can also help, although not as much as the Nitrous and Offroad kits.

Now that the car is ready, players can leave Jim Rob’s garage and take the road to the northwest. They’ll want to start shooting nitrous oxide right away, weaving in and out of oncoming traffic to make sure they don’t run out. After about ten seconds, they should keep going straight when the road turns right, and then aim for the cliff right in front of them. Once they are in the air, they must press and hold the L1/LB button to activate Super Air Control, and then pull the left analog joystick down as before.

It may take a few attempts, but with a little practice and a healthy dose of luck, players will be able to unlock the “Car named Simone” trophy in just a few attempts. It is worth emphasizing that performing near misses in preparation for each attempt can make a huge difference, as it replenishes the nitrogen meter and allows players to achieve much greater speed than otherwise.

Saints Row is already available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.


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