Saints Receive Unfortunate Information about Alvin Kamara


New Orleans running back Alvin Kamara did not attend the open portion of Friday’s practice, Saints insider John Hendricks said.

Kamara, who has a rib injury, had a limited training session on Wednesday and did not participate in it on Thursday. Today, the star RB missed the second training session in a row, preceding the match of the second week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Kamara usually plays a huge role in the Saints’ offense, but his play in week one in the win over the Falcons didn’t quite meet his standards. He took nine carries for just 39 yards and caught three times for seven yards in a 27-26 victory.

If Kamara can’t take on the Bucks on Sunday, Mark Ingram will likely take on most of the runners’ snaps. Tysom Hill may also need some extra work in the takeaway game.

Saints fullback Paulson Adebo was also not present at today’s training session.

New Orleans will try to increase its season record to 2-0 by defeating division rival Bucks this weekend.


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