Saints Almost Caught Patrick Mahomes: NFL World Reaction


How much would NFL history have changed if the Saints had selected Patrick Mahomes in 2017? According to Sean Payton, they were one choice away.

“When we assessed him, he was clearly an elite player. The best quarterback I’ve ever seen on college tape,” the former Saints coach said on FOX’s NFL Kickoff program. “In the draft room, we pick 11, the Chiefs trade up to 10 in front of us to make that pick… It had to happen.”

The football world reacted to Payton’s story on social media.

“Thank God for you, Brett Hiv,” one user wrote.

“[The Saints] are no longer the project of Mahomes.. Crazy!!” said a Giants fan.

“Well, thank God that didn’t happen,” another laughed.

“I still can’t believe he didn’t try to trade it if he liked Mahomes so much,” the Saints account replied.

“Kiss my ass, Sean.”

You can imagine…


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