Sailor Moon Inspires The New Hot Topic Swimwear Line


The models are available in different colors for you to choose your favorite

The Hot Topic clothing brand has surprised Sailor Moon fans with a line of swimsuits inspired by the history of the Sailor Scouts, just in time to start planning a vacation under the sun where you can wear those beautiful outfits and wear As cute as the manga girls.

Hot Topic is a well-known brand from the United States that pleases fans of different artists and shows through fashion, integrating the image of bands, movies and cartoons into their models.

This time, he has launched a beautiful collection of two-piece swimsuits that refer us to Serena and her friends . With the holidays so close and the temperature rising, this could not be a better time to bring them to light.

Swimsuit parts are sold separately and, although the store does not have branches in other countries, it does have international shipments . Each piece has a cost of around 500 Mexican pesos (not including the cost of shipping), although at the moment everything is with a discount on the page.

Swimsuits inspired by the Sailor Scouts are available in 6 different colors and sizes from X to 3X , but there is also an extra model inspired by Luna , Serena’s companion of adventures.

Check out all the models on the official store site :


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