Sailing Yacht Under Deck: Why Fans Think Daisy and Gary are Dating


Fans of Under Deck Sailing Yacht seem unable to ignore the romantic tension that has arisen between Daisy Kelliher and Gary King, although they still deny that they are a couple. Despite the fact that the rumor mill is working overtime, the two yachts are still not a couple. However, Bravo fans are still keeping their fingers crossed that these two co-stars will get together one day.

Gary first met Daisy when he was working as a first assistant in the second season of BDSM, and she worked as a chef. The third season of BDSM is in full swing, and Gary is using his old ways to make all the women on the ship fall in love with him. It seems that both Daisy and Gary played up their close relationship with the media back in February after a trip to Disneyland. They took pictures together, and Gary even shared a video apparently confirming their relationship. Unfortunately, it all seemed like a PR move to trick fans into thinking they were together.

Despite the fact that Bravo viewers may have been deceived, some still can’t shake the feeling that Daisy and Gary are together. They can often be seen on each other’s social networks, they either comment or take pictures together. After Daisy and Gary kissed in the Jacuzzi during the second episode of the third season of BDSM, it was hard for fans to imagine that Daisy and Gary are not in a relationship. Daisy, for her part, tried to put an end to the gossip once and for all. The chef took to her social media to talk about their romance, noting that she and Gary are just “good friends.”

It didn’t help to dispel the rumors when a new sailor on Parsifal III, Barnaby Birkbeck, posted a photo of the duo on social media, noting that it was great to see the “gorgeous couple” in London. Gary and Daisy have been spotted together in galavantia across England and they are not shy about sharing their cute photos. For Bravo viewers, Daisy and Gary would be the perfect reality show couple; however, it seems that they will never be more than just good friends and colleagues.

Perhaps the love between Daisy and Gary is not in the air yet, but it may happen in the future. As BDSM fans know, Gary gets along well with women and often makes more than one woman on board crave him. One day Daisy may become interested in him, despite the fact that she has repeatedly said that she does not have romantic feelings for Gary. Some of the stewed Daisies also hinted that they thought their boss might be in love with the first mate, but only time will tell if they’ll get together one day.