Sailing yacht under deck: the best Instagram posts by Gabriela Barragan at sea


Having left the 3rd season of “Under the deck of a sailing yacht” ahead of schedule, Gabriela Barragan continues to entertain fans of the franchise “Under the Deck” with incredible messages about her at sea. Gabriela has been very busy since she left the show, as she has started a new relationship with another cast of “Below Deck”, and she still loves swimming. Scarlett Bentley replaced the fan favorite Gabriela in the series, and she managed to cause a lot of drama once she was on the yacht.

This season, the team went to Spain with its crystal clear water and beautiful coast. Gabriela joined Chief Assistant Daisy Kelliher and Captain Glenn Shepard in the third season of “Under the Deck of a Sailing Yacht”. Although she had a strong relationship with both of them, there was drama after Daisy made Gabriela a second stew instead of Ashley Marty. Gabriela also ran into problems when a drunken charter guest continued to make inappropriate and flirtatious comments to her while she was working at the bar.

In protest of her third status, Ashley stopped listening to Gabriela, which led to a lot of incidents during several different charters. Ashley couldn’t escape the BDSM drama, even after Gabriela’s departure, as she entered into a love triangle with Daisy and Gary King. Gary is familiar with love triangles, since in the second season of BDSM he had an almost identical situation with Ali Dore and Sydney Zaruba.

Gabriela’s Happy Place

BDSY graduate Gabriela was born and raised in San Diego, California, and continues to call it her home after participating in the show. Fans are happy to see that she is feeling better than ever. She still feels comfortable working (and playing) on boats. Although she didn’t stay on the show for the entire charter season, her passion for sailing and bringing diversity to the industry persisted.

Setting the sail

In St. Thomas, Gabriela wowed fans with her bright red bikini. Although she is used to serving guests as a sailor or stewardess, this time she was able to relax on the boat. After Gabby’s relationship with “Under Deck” graduate Wes O’Dell became public, she was all smiles. Wes has his own charter sailboat, pictured in the post shown above, and now Gabriela is helping him in Nightwind II as his first mate.

Yoga at sea

Being an experienced yachtsman, Gabriela knows how to entertain charter guests. She was willing to go the extra mile teaching some guests yoga on the Under Deck Sailing Yacht. Noting how tense she was throughout most of the show, viewers were happy to see her in a more relaxed state aboard the Parsifal III.