Sailing Yacht Under Deck: Scarlett Bentley’s Best Instagram posts at sea


Scarlett Bentley is the newest addition to the third season of “Under the Deck of a Sailing Yacht,” and she posted some impressive photos at sea on her Instagram. Scarlett has already caused a scandal on board the Parsifal III as a junior stewardess. Fans love the intensity of this season on BDSM, and they’re excited to learn more about Scarlett’s life off the show.

Under Deck Sailing Yacht is one of the successful divisions created below deck. This charter season, Captain Glenn is at the helm. The crew sets sail in beautiful Spain, but the season has not been without difficulties, from demanding charter guests to cabin drama. Scarlett is the second chowder to replace Gabriela Barragan, and she works under the direction of the returning main chowder Daisy Kelliher and along with the third chowder, Ashley Marty.

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Gary King entered into another love triangle in the third season of “Under the Deck of a Sailing Yacht”, which caused drama between Scarlett and Ashley. Scarlett was born in Arkansas, and later moved to San Diego, which she now calls home. After meeting a man and a first date on his boat, she fell in love with the water and made a career in yachting. BDSY fans want to know how things are going with the entire cast now that the entertainment season is over.

Aboard the Triton in San Diego, Scarlett looks happier than ever. On BDSY, she said that she has been yachting for only two years, and this post shows her early career before the show. Fans love her trendy two-piece set and stunning urban backdrop.

The action of the 3rd season of Under Deck Sailing Yacht takes place along the coast of Spain. Scarlett boasts of the stunning views of the island that open from the boat. Fans love her sense of style, complementing her trendy black belt, high-waisted jeans and a sheer white top.

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BDSM fans were thrilled to see a different side of Scarlett as she staged a prank to help keep the beaches clean. She was wearing a shimmering bathing suit and a stylish mesh cape, and she was looking at the bow of the yacht with ease. Scarlett loves being on the water, whether she does it for work as a junior stew or just for fun.

In this IG post, Scarlett looked excited to be back in San Diego, California. She was channeling a Barbie doll with her matching pink sports kit along with a bright pink hat. Despite all the drama of season 3, “Under the Deck of a Sailing Yacht,” Scarlett looked pretty relaxed while on the boat.