SAGA gives tips with storytelling in games


SAGA, the largest network of schools of games and digital art in the country, gave more details about the profession of storytelling in the games industry and commented on the essential characteristics for those who wish to become professional in the area of ​​storytelling.

Currently, the storyteller is one of the most sought after specialists by game studios, as the trends of recent years indicate strong searches for narrative appeals and titles with a density of stories. Therefore, it is essential for the professional to know how to deal with the emotions of the audience, captivating with twists, plots, characters and other elements.

“It is not enough to just have an idea, you need to know how to express it to impact the player. There are several powerful strategies to delight gamers, from characters, scenarios and storylines, and telling the story well is certainly one of them ”, explains Igor La Luz, national academic manager at SAGA. “Storytelling in games generates identification with the player who puts himself in the character’s place, motivates the user to evolve on his journey, attracts, seduces and maintains a loyal audience”.

According to the school network manager, it is important for the professional to look for good references in the games industry, in order to better understand the connection between elements and what makes them become cohesive and make sense. With the main plot in mind, one must define the main characteristics of the narrative and, by uniting them with creativity – the central element of a story with identity -, find a way to leave the common area, avoiding the beaten formulas.

“Storytelling in games plays a fundamental role when it comes to building the game’s identity and attracting audiences. From the moment that you already have the definition of who will consume the material, look for constant improvements, qualifying the story over time, supported, even, by the users’ feedback ”, concludes Igor.

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