SAG Awards: virtual awards will be recorded in advance


The 27th edition of the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG Awards) will only be an hour long and will be recorded before its global exhibition on April 4th. In a statement to Variety, event producers Todd Milliner, Sean Hayes and Kathy Connell revealed the new virtual form of this year, due to the pandemic.

The ceremony will not feature established brands, such as presenter, red carpet and a location. However, some segments will remain, such as short speeches by guests and the space to honor the names of the industry that died.

The entire event will be filmed in advance – including the announcement of the winners in the 13 categories – for greater safety for the participants, with edited editing to meet the stipulated duration. “We will have an exceptional ceremony that will leave people wanting more,” said Milliner.

Days before the broadcast, the nominees in each category will be brought together in a virtual session, at which time the winner will be revealed. This means that everyone involved in the recording will already know the results before they are shown to the public. “We hope that everyone respects confidentiality to surprise people at home and not disappoint them,” said Connell.

For filming, artists who wish will be able to count on two members of the production at their home. However, this will not be mandatory if they want to choose to maintain isolation. “The SAG Awards is a project that requires joint work, and we will respect all protocols in force so that everyone feels safe,” commented Hayes.

The SAG Awards are held by the Actors Union and promoted by the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. In February, the nominees for the awards were announced, which serves as a thermometer for the Oscars. In Brazil, it will be transmitted by TNT.


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