Safest Countries Map was Prepared in Coronavirus


Consortium named Deep Knowledge Group, which is formed by non-governmental organizations and commercial enterprises, ranked ‘safest countries in coronavirus’.

While the new deadly coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) continued to spread around the world after the appearance in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China, the comprehensive analysis prepared by the Deep Knowledge Group consortium was on the agenda of the public. Deep Knowledge Group, which includes commercial enterprises and companies together with non-governmental organizations and continues to work in the field of artificial intelligence, investment technologies, financial technologies and pharmaceuticals, has prepared a list of ‘safest countries in the coronavirus’ through different parameters and data.

Risk map prepared in Turkey in green, “safe country” is showing, especially the South American countries were found to be at risk with the African continent. The report was completed on June 3, 2020 and was based on 130 different parameters. While the report explains that 11,400 data are classified, details and data under the heading ‘efficiency of quarantine, follow-up and intervention, health system preparation, resilience of the region, emergency preparedness and government influence’ were evaluated.

Safest Switzerland

Turkey’s place to get that second category Kuwait, Iceland, Bahrain, Finland, Luxembourg, Qatar, Liechtenstein, Poland, Lithuania, Malaysia, Latvia, Slovenia, Oman, Greece, Estonia, Croatia, Ireland, Georgia and took part in the Greek Cypriot Administration. Switzerland was the safest country in the 250-page report prepared by the consortium created under the leadership of Deep Knowledge Ventures. Germany, Israel, Singapore, Japan, Austria, China, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea come after Switzerland in the study, in which risk analysis and assessment is carried out comprehensively.

Among the analyzed countries and data, the 10 most risky countries against coronavirus epidemics were shown as Bahamas, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Peru, Paraguay, Honduras, Algeria, Morocco, Brazil and Panama. Turkey took place on the second floor prepared pyramid. Spain among the countries at the bottom of Turkey (45), Portugal (46), Italy (53), India (56), USA (58), France (60), Russia (61), Sweden (65), United Kingdom Countries such as (68), Iran (73) and Belgium (78) were included.


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