Safari Gets Extensions on iOS, Cleaner Look and Tab Groups


Safari: Apple has announced a number of new features for the Safari browser, most of them as part of the arrival of the new version of macOS Monterey.

The news was presented this Monday (7) as part of the opening conference of WWDC 2021, made completely virtual.

Overall, Safari’s interface has become more compact and minimalist, as well as “space efficient”. This means that the company has eliminated unnecessary buttons and bars as much as possible, so that the content displayed on the screen has as much space as possible.

For macOS, tabs can now be organized into groups and automatically synchronized with other devices in the ecosystem. Searches can be carried out directly from the address bar in the tab that is currently active.

Also, items such as Favorites and privacy reports only appear on the screen when you select the address bar.

On mobile devices, the tabs are now at the bottom of the screen. Also, when the display is stationary, without scrolling up or down, the address bar disappears to make more space for text and images.


Finally, extensions that previously only worked in Safari for macOS can now work equally in the browser for iOS and iPadOS, depending on whether the developers have enabled the feature.

The new Safari is expected to be released alongside new versions of the company’s operating systems. The stable version of the platforms arrives for consumers sometime in the spring of this year, starting in September 2021.