Safari 14 released for macOS Catalina and Mojave


Safari 14, Apple’s latest version of the web browser, has begun meeting users on macOS Catalina, Mojave and High Sierra. Improving the browser’s tabs, Safari 14 offers the privacy report feature. In addition, Safari 14 also comes with new options for users to customize their start pages.

To download Safari 14, you need to go to the System Preferences application and then click on “Software Update”.

Among the innovations introduced by Safari 14, the improvements in tab management stand out. While the tabs are refreshed to make them more effective in terms of location, it is now possible to see the icon of each page on the tab. In addition, when the cursor is over the tab, a preview of the web page open in that tab is shown.

On the renewed start page, users can personalize with their own backgrounds and links. The Privacy Report shows the cross-site trackers blocked by the browser. It is worth noting that Adobe Flash support has been terminated with Safari 14.

For some of the new Safari 14 features to work, macOS Big Sur must be installed. Chief among these features is 4K HDR video playback and the browser’s built-in translation feature.


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