Sadie Sink Told Why She Feels “connected” With Her Character “Dear Zoey” And Why She Decided to Play The Main Role in The Film


The fourth season of “Stranger Things” ended a few months ago, but its stars are still making headlines. Millie Bobby Brown, for example, has just made a splash with her sequel to “Enola Holmes.” And her co-star and best friend Sadie Sink follows her closely. The redhead is working on projects besides the Duffer Brothers show, as it is closing.

She got a role in Darren Aronofsky’s film “The Whale”, which will be released later this year. Her performance in the film has already earned several critical accolades. But this is not the only movie with a Cinque that is coming out this year. The redhead also appeared in Gren Wells’ “Dear Zoey.” It’s a hard film about loss and mourning, and recently a 20-year-old girl revealed the reason why she agreed to this role.

Sadie Sink felt a connection with the teenage emotions of her character in “Dear Zoey.”
Although the film was released in 2022, filming began in 2019, resulting in Sadie Sink becoming a teenager when she took on the role. The film endured pandemic woes before it was finally released this year. During the premiere of the August Wilson African American Cultural Center, she revealed the reasons why she played Tess. Sadie was just at the age when she was offered the role. Moreover, the actress herself has a younger sister who allowed her to move from her real step to the character of Tess.

“I mean, I was 16-17 years old when I first shot this, so I think I was exactly at the age when I was really connected to the character—just with teenage emotions and everything else,” she explained.

“Dear Zoey” tells the story of Tess, who unexpectedly loses her younger sister and is overcome with grief. She finds a way to cope when she moves in with her biological father.

Her co-stars Kweku Collins, Sophie Guest, Emmy James and Tenelle Wavers also attended the premiere with her. Actress Kit looked fresh at the premiere in a simple blouse and trousers with black stripes. She let her hair down and kept her makeup to a minimum.

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