Sadie Sink once gave a tour of the best dresses from her wardrobe


Sadie Sink is one of the most influential stars of the decade. This young actress has a charming influence on the new generation. Not only her acting, but also her sense of style has always been a byword. Soon she will be known as the new fashion icon in the industry. Not only her appearances on the red carpet are noticeable, but also her casual clothes. This star of the TV series “stranger things” is well aware of his fame and does not miss the chance to prove himself.

A few months ago, Sadie gave an interview to Coveteur, in which she talked about her favorite things from her wardrobe. She also talked about how her fashion sense has changed over the years. But what kind of thing does she like to wear?

Sadie Sink wears it almost every day

Sadie started her wardrobe tour by mentioning what she likes to wear. The actress likes to wear clothes in which she feels most comfortable. Growing up, she eventually began to figure out which dresses she felt confident in. She did it when she turned seventeen.

The twenty-year-old actress said she has the most fun when she dresses up for press events and red carpets. According to her, it is at these events that she can show her real style. Turning to the question, what is this thing that she wears regularly? The actress mentioned that a few years ago she visited one of the Chanel shows.

There she received a necklace from the company as a gift. Mentioning her love for the necklace, the actress said: “I’ve been wearing it every day since I got it.”

Moreover, Sadie talked about her love for strong silhouettes. She likes to spend time at the “cool camp”, and therefore Sink believes that blazers are best suited for her. She also mentioned how necessary it is for her to always have good hair. “If the hair is good, we are golden,” she added. Next, she talks about her clothes from the set of the show.

One thing that Sadie borrowed from the TV series “stranger things”.

Sadie Sink is also related to her character from “stranger things”. Most importantly, she also mentioned that since the show takes place in the 80s and everything is vintage, the production does not allow them to leave the clothes they wear on set. However, she mentioned an exception that was made in the second season of the show when she was allowed to take the vans she was carrying.

Mentioning her clothes from the series, she said that Max’s clothes from season 4 are closest to her. She feels closer to what her character wore in season four, mostly in terms of color scheme.


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