Sad news for the Xbox Series X SSD capacity!


There is not much left for the new generation consoles to come out and we are learning new information about consoles every day. Xbox Series X SSD capacity was announced as 1TB. For the players who found this a little, Microsoft offered an option with the storage cartridge.

Xbox Series X cannot use all SSD capacity

Storage seems to be a real problem in new generation consoles. Although the Xbox side offers a solution to this with a cartridge, PlayStation has not yet offered a solution. Practice tests of the Xbox Series X console revealed that 20 percent of the space on the internal SSD is reserved for system files.

According to the test conducted in IGN, it was revealed that approximately 198 GB of 1 TB SSD owned by the console was reserved for system files.

Xbox Series X SSD kapasitesi

These cartridges sold for the Xbox Series X and S have a price tag of $ 220. In addition, 80 GB of each cartridge to be purchased will be reserved for system files. In addition, transfer speeds between the Xbox Series X’s NVMe SSD and a drive with USB 3.1 technology are also stated to be quite satisfactory.

Moving the 49GB Assassin’s Creed: Origins from an external USB 3.0 drive to the Xbox Series X took just 8 minutes, according to a test by Venturebeat.


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