Sad news for Playdate has arrived!


Sad news came for Playdate, the mini game console that was first introduced on the cover of Edge magazine in 2019. The console’s release was postponed to the beginning of 2021, alleging that the time has not yet come.

Playdate will be released at the beginning of 2021

It will be necessary to wait a little longer for the mini game console developed by Panic. In the update published by the company, it was announced that Playdate will be on the shelves in 2021, not in 2020. The device, which is the first product of its developer, was designed in collaboration with Swedish Teenage Engineering. The device, which has a very minimalist appearance, is presented in yellow.


The pandemic also has an effect on the company’s decision to postpone. Because Panic temporarily closed his factory in Malaysia during his home working period. After all these developments, the company thinks that the decision to pull the launch to 2021 is quite logical.

In addition, there are good developments about the console. While the hardware features of Playdate are defined by the FFC, it is estimated that it will go into production next month. In addition, work is underway to include more games for the handheld game console. Developer Panic has also announced Windows and Linux versions of a software called Playdate Simulator to design games and deal with the device.


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