Sad news about Microsoft Cortana came


In the past months, it was announced that third party application support was removed with the Cortana update. IOS and Android support will be discontinued for Microsoft Cortana in 2021. The company, which will also change its functionality, is considering a new system.

Microsoft Cortana iOS and Android support will be cut

In the past few months, we have announced to you the decisions regarding the company’s smart assistant Cortana. The smart assistant, which continues its life as a more superficial application, will not be included in mobile operating systems with a new decision.

The smart assistant left behind in the rivalry with Google Assistant and Siri did not see the attention Microsoft was expecting. Although Windows is the most preferred operating system by end users, it is not as useful as mobile assistants.

On the other hand, the fact that the smart assistants that came with the operating systems had all the necessary permissions and executed the commands completely, made the Microsoft product less preferred.

Explaining that it will also cut support for Harman Kardon and 1st generation Surface headphones, the company plans to include its smart assistant in the Microsoft 365 software package. The company, which gives up functionality such as smart home control, will change its product to be less competitive.

Microsoft will give $ 50 gift vouchers to Harman Kardon Invoke owners and $ 25 gift to owners of 1st generation Surface headsets.


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