The sad and curious story of Jin and Suga


The sad and curious story of Jin and Suga. A friend of his told a somewhat sad anecdote.

BTS has forged a long history during its career, among them they share different anecdotes of their friendship, rehearsals, concerts and trips.

Recently, Lee Hyun, a former member of the 8Eight group, shared a story about Suga and Jin that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. We tell you what it is about.

Last year, BTS took its first vacation in its entire career. The boys took the opportunity to spend time with the family, travel and devote themselves to their favorite hobbies. Lee Hyun accompanied Suga and Jin during a boat trip.

They were both very excited to fish and said it wasn’t the first time they did it, Hyun knew about his talent, but … that day nothing went well and they didn’t catch any fish.

Maybe it was the weather or the tides that drove the fish away, but sometimes things don’t go as they want and everything is in a lovely story of Jin and Suga.


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