Sad claim for Xbox Series S storage!


It is claimed that the Xbox Series S may have insufficient storage capacity. The console was shortly released and was sent to many creators for testing. Reddit user spead20, one of the testers, shared an interesting claim about the Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series S storage offers 364GB for games

According to the claim of spead20, the console, which has a capacity of 512 GB, allocates 148 GB of space for its system files. Of course, this size is like this on paper, after all you cannot use a whole disk. It claims the remaining storage capacity for games is 364 GB. The upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will take up 136 GB of space on the Xbox Series S. After all, players can choose and reduce this size according to the modes they will play.

Xbox Series S depolama

But many players download other mods, including Story Mode, when they first download the game. As such, Cold War takes up 136 GB of space and 228 GB of storage capacity remains from 364 GB of free space.

In addition, according to estimates, the size of many games that will come to new generation consoles will be large depending on the visual quality it will offer, and users with a console like Series S will have trouble due to the storage capacity. As time passes, with the updates and DLCs, the area of ​​the games will increase. I think the biggest problem of the new generation consoles will be storage.

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