SacriFire: RPG With Strong Inspirations From The 90s Appears at E3


SacriFire: Among the various announcements that took place last Sunday during E3 2021, one of them will certainly be able to delight RPG fans who enjoyed great classics of the genre on SNES, Mega Drive, PSone and the like: SacriFire.

The title is in production for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch and PC, and should arrive sometime in 2022. There is currently a campaign on Kickstarter seeking to raise $99,000 for its production, and by the end of the production of this news, with 29 days left in pursuit of this crowdfunding, producer Pixelated Milk had already raised just over US$48,000.

The best of the past today

According to the description of the game, SacriFire intends to bring a combat system that mixes both real-time combat with a turn system to bring battles that allow you to choose the part of the enemy’s body you want to attack and some other elements.

Added to that, it was also mentioned that the title will have morality ideas for the player-controlled squad, as well as voiceovers for the characters and many other things that can be seen in the following trailer:


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