Sackboy wanted to encourage multiplayer instead of push


As one of the PS5 launch titles, Sackboy: A Great Adventure, also available on PS4, set out to teach adventurers a lesson in making LittleBigPlanet levels, which gave rise to the sewn mascot.

Level design, or, in good Portuguese, the creation of the phases themselves, their conception of design and paths that intersect, is a fundamental requirement for the player to feel welcome in that place, to feel invited to explore and keep playing.

To talk about these and other aspects, Voxel had the opportunity to chat with Ned Waterhouse, Sackboy’s creative director. He even asked what my mark was on the last (and insane) time challenge.

Single-player and multiplayer: same stages, different doses

One of the biggest challenges of level design is to create levels that can meet the lonely player, the one who prefers to follow his journey without involving friends, and also talk to the guy who likes to play together, locally or online.

On this, Ned said the team wanted to “reach as many people as possible”, veterans and novices – a seesaw that is sometimes complicated (or impossible) to balance.

“Yes, it is difficult to create stages that speak to both types [single-player and multiplayer]. That was one of our biggest challenges. The difficulty is progressive: enemies and obstacles increase as you advance. We like the idea of ​​encouraging multiplayer, not obliging, ”he explained.


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