Sackboy: Big Adventure will make you have “feelings”


As a debut title that aims to explore the features of the PS5, Sackboy: Big Adventure will take great advantage of DualSense, the control of the device, an apparatus that will expand our tactile sensations beyond the traditional vibration.

According to Ned Waterhouse, the game’s creative director, the player will experience different feelings when holding the joystick while playing. “You will experience different textures in the worlds and stages of Sackboy. When stepping somewhere, the player will feel differences in the haptics of DualSense ”, said the artist in a chat in which Voxel participated.

On that same occasion he also revealed some of the themes present in the 5 game worlds – and based on that, we can get a sense of the sensations that the player will have when using the PS5 controller.

“Forest, space, sea … Sackboy will have several environments with different themes to explore. There are five main worlds in the game. Each time you unlock one, multiple levels are released, ”he said.

SSD and graphics fidelity

Sackboy: A Big Adventure will be released for PS5 and PS4. Naturally, DualSense will not be the only advantage of Sony’s new generation console: the SSD will have its “capabilities used”, in the director’s words, including ultra-fast loading time and greater graphical fidelity.

“The game will fully enjoy the benefits of the PS5’s SSD and will also feature more faithful graphics on the console, in addition to DualSense. These will be the main differences from the PS4 version ”, he explained.

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