Sackboy Beyond LittleBigPlanet: From Pet to Icon


We remember all the games featuring the friendly Sackboy, an icon of the PlayStation brand for years thanks to LittleBigPlanet.

We have already talked at length about some of the games that will accompany PS5 at its launch, such as the remake of Demon’s Souls, Godfall or Spider-Man: Miles Morales, of which we have even published their pertinent analysis. Also the console, how could it be otherwise, has been the protagonist, but we should not forget a title that has not been missing on a PlayStation console since its premiere back in 2008, when a mere rag doll managed to penetrate deep into fans of the Japanese brand. Throughout two generations of desktops and two laptops, Sackboy has not missed his appointment, and obviously, this new generation that is to arrive in just two weeks could not be an exception.

In charge of Sackboy: An adventure in a big way is Sumo Digital, which although they are not original creators of the franchise – an honor that corresponds to the British of Media Molecule – it is not the first time they take command. It is time to remember how Sackboy has prevailed for so long thanks to the hallmarks that both studios have managed to instill in him.

A trilogy for an entire generation

The first three installments of LittleBigPlanet appeared only on PlayStation 3, dating the first, as we said in 2008. Now we are very used to this type of proposal, but the novelty of being able to edit levels in a 2.5 D platform video game, Adding enemies, obstacles, stickers and more, he wowed a community large enough to continue to provide content to the game for three years, just until his successor arrived. Media Molecule was aware that not all players were used to messing with various creation tools, so one of the most applauded features was the Undo option, in order to rewind to a point where we were satisfied with our creation.

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As we say, already in 2011 LittleBigPlanet 2 the formula was much more polished, since the possibility of taking advantage of the peculiarities of the PlayStation 3 Sixaxis to overcome some game situations added an even more revolutionary feature in the saga, such as being able to create minigames from other genres beyond platforms. Probably not even at Media Molecule would they think that players would be able to develop small shooters, RPGs, racing games … However, they did see the potential of the idea, since long before the launch of the game they opened the platform for a easiest way to share creations.

With a year already on the market, PlayStation 4 received LittleBigPlanet 3, this already in charge of Sumo Digital and with Media Molecule locked in Tearaway, for the ill-fated PS Vita. This third installment was the first to add new playable characters, with OddSock being able to run faster and even up walls, Swoop being able to fly, and Toggle being able to change his size. With the arrival of a new generation, obviously his level editor had to improve exponentially, and boy did it, going from 3 layers deep to no less than 16. However, that was not enough to reap the expected criticism, being the worst rated of the 3 in Metacritic, mainly for wasting the potential of its four different characters, but recognizing in practically all the analyzes that the possibilities to create were multiple. Many years later, in this 2020 that we will all take to forget, if we ever do, Media Molecule would exploit all those possibilities in Dreams, an almost infinite set of tools that has given rise to the most surprising creations.


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