Sackboy: A Great Adventure shows his world in the trailer


The character originally created by Media Molecule, the creators of Dreams, returns with an entirely new title.

It’s less than a week before PS5 hits the market, but Sackboy: A Great Adventure is now available in stores, both in its version of PS4 and in the next generation. The popular character designed by Media Molecule returns in a platform title created by Sumo Digital, in which players can enjoy an experience for all audiences. Below these lines you can see the launch trailer in Spanish, which shows the world and the artisan characters of Little Big Planet.

The study already made it clear that they did not want to leave out the millions of players who already enjoy a PlayStation 4, so they decided to market the game on both machines. However, the authors of Little Big Planet 3 have endeavored to exploit the special features of the DualSense controller. Namely haptic technology and adaptive triggers. In addition, they have highlighted the importance of the title working at 60 fps.

Adaptation of previous games to PS5

Among the backward compatible games, the two video games that Guerrilla Games released in the current generation will run in the new generation. “Ready, set, play!” They wrote in a tweet. “Horizon Zero Dawn is backward compatible and game saves can be transferred from PS4 to PS5.” And they add: “Killzone Shadow Fall is backward compatible, games can be transferred and it can run at 60 fps on PS5.” It has not been specified whether or not they take advantage of the special functionality of the newly released DualSense remote.

In-house developers such as Naughty Dog or Sony Santa Monica have experimented with their titles to offer those new sensations at the controls. Thus, both The Last of Us Part 2 and God of War have been adapted to the capabilities of the DualSense. Not all studios have done the same, some have opted for improvements only in performance, while others, like the creators of Uncharted, have preferred to focus solely on the controller.


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