Sackboy A Big Adventure: find out how long the game lasts


With a light and unpretentious air, Sackboy: Big Adventure seems to be one of those games that explore the magic of launching a console, without ever forgetting the responsibility it has to offer content and value to players who choose to acquire the title.

Aware of this, the creative director Ned Waterhouse, in a chat in which Voxel participated, guaranteed that the mascot has everything to give a good start in this embryonic phase of the PS5 life cycle, seeking a balance between being challenging and accessible.

On top of that comes that little question that we all love to ask: how long does this journey last? And who does it aim to fulfill 100%? “For those who follow the main route, 10 hours. Completionists, on the other hand, will take much more, ”replied the artist to Voxel’s question, leaving the estimated time open to explorers thirsty for each crumb of content.

“We prepare a lot of content, including a batch of rewards for those who master the levels and fulfill everything they require, like finding all the secrets and not dying. You get, for example, customized skins, among other things. There are many extras ”, reported the director.

Worlds and phases in different themes

Ned also anticipated some of the characteristics that will illustrate and thematize the phases in different layers. Following a typical structure of the 3D adventure / platform booklet, Sackboy: Big Adventure will have stages separated by 5 worlds – each with its own number of levels.

“Forest, space, sea … Sackboy will have several environments with different themes to explore. There are five main worlds in the game. Each time you unlock one, multiple levels are released, ”he said.

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