Sabrina’s Dark World: Understand the End of Part 4


The expectation for the fourth season of Sabrina’s Dark World (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) was high, after all the central character of the series has been a favorite of the public since the 1990s, and the Netflix revival brought different aspects to the family of Greendale.

However, it seems that part 4 left something to be desired and constructed a narrative, to say the least, confusing. Check out our full review.

Spoiler alert!

Review of part 4 of Sabrina’s Dark World

The narrative begins interesting: Sabrina is divided into two personalities: Sabrina Spellman, who remains in the mortal world, and Sabrina Morningstar (Star of the Morning), the Queen of Hell. The meeting between the two seems promising when, right at the beginning, the mortal version needs to go to Hell to ask for the help of Lucifer’s daughter. However, the conversation between the two is only a reflection of the confused content of the rest of the season.

Greendale needs to deal with the Eight Entities that bring different plagues and dangers to the planet and are presented with each episode, forming a complete arc until reaching the most dangerous of all. Ambrose goes from being one of the most interesting characters in the series to becoming a mere narrator who looks like a kind of teacher, explaining the dangers, but without participating in the action.

The same aspect of disinterest takes hold of Sabrina, as the mortal version seems to have regressed in all the learning of the past seasons, making beginner’s mistakes that spoil her growth arc.

One of the most anticipated aspects by fans was the return of Sabrina’s aunts and the original Salem from the 1990s series, but seeing the talking cat was not as exciting as we expected. In a way, it’s as if the producers were more concerned with “playing” references from the original version of Sabrina’s Dark World than cohesively fitting them into the episodes.

Finally, the end of the series was the opposite of what was expected (although perhaps it was the most interesting fact of the season). Sabrina has always been willing to risk her own life to save her family and friends; therefore, the outcome could not be different: to save Greendale, she needs to open the famous Pandora’s box in a cosmic space known as The Void.

Although she knows that she won’t be able to return from there, she decides that her sacrifice is necessary to save everyone, so she teleports and manages to suck The Void into the box, preventing him from dominating Greendale.


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