Sabrent Releases a 2230 NVMe SSD Compatible With Steam Deck


Sabrent, a manufacturer of solid-state drives, did what everyone wanted and released a commercially available 2230 NVMe drive for Steam Deck and other devices.

Updating the Steam Deck SSD can be something of a minefield. Having to use eBay to get products or visit sites like Mouser is not the easiest process.

Sabrent has noticed a hole in the market and is quickly filling it up. The PC component manufacturer produces an easily accessible 1TB 2230 NVMe. The 2230 NVMe is one of the smallest sizes available for the NVMe family.

2230 NVMe SSDs used in Microsoft Surface devices and other high-end portable laptops. The unique size caused concern at the announcement of the Steam deck, but gradually stopped when resellers began to acquire them.

sabrent 2230 speeds

Sabrent NVMe will run with a PCIe Gen4 controller backward compatible with the Steam Deck 3.0 slot. In the corresponding slot, it should reach 5 GB/s (up to 4750 MB/s when reading and 4300 MB/s when writing).

No more second-hand tricky discs

Cleverly, in a press release, Sabrent does mention that releasing them to the general public will avoid cases where customers receive bad used discs.

The situation with SSD in Steam Deck is quite peculiar. Although there is no need to upgrade the storage to a terabyte, it is highly recommended. A microSD card is ideal for storing and running games, but downloading to it can be a problem.

Steam downloads and unpacks games in parts, mainly so as not to overload the poor guy. NVMe disk inside bypasses this problem thanks to its architecture, which allows you to speed up unpacking and loading. This is due to the best sequential write speed on board the drives.

You can read our recommendations on microSD cards, as well as our guide to updating the Steam Deck SSD.


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