Sable, The Adventure Of Exploration And Discovery, Is Updated To Spanish


Sable: One of the independent sensations of the year, the new ShedWorks, receives the long-awaited patch with new languages ​​and improvements. Now available. Shedworks and Raw Fury Games have announced a new patch for Sable, one of the most acclaimed indie titles this year, which includes new languages; among them, Castilian. Available since this past summer, Sable could only be played in English, a barrier that prevented some fans from discovering the exciting world of the work of Gregorios Kythreotis and Daniel Fineberg, in charge of materializing this particular adventure of discovery from North London.

Patch 3.6, now available for download on Steam (PC) and in the coming days on Xbox consoles -including the Xbox Game Pass version-, brings with it a full localization to languages ​​such as French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Simplified Chinese. Sable’s message will be able to reach many more people from now on. To celebrate the news, the title is 33% off its regular price for a limited time.

What is Sable about?

Sable is an exploration video game in which verbal language is not the main protagonist, but rather the way in which the player interacts, knows, explores and discovers its vast settings, located in the middle of the desert dunes. The title places us on a desert planet with a young woman belonging to a nomadic tribe. At the beginning of a vital stage marked by maturity, our task will be to discover the world around us, finding useful materials, fulfilling favors and, later, solving puzzles in three-dimensional environments with a multitude of secrets and mysteries typical of the intrahistory of the place.

One of the problems that Sable had in its launch was its optimization, quite poor; but the last patches have significantly improved the experience, so we recommend your consultation: it is a very well written video game, with a precious use of cel shading —based on Moebius and Miyazaki— under an artistic style that pays homage to the Franco-Belgian comic by the eighties and the Japanese manga of that same epic.

Its music, its message, its narrative commitment and its execution make Sable a very special video game. He was nominated for Best Indie of 2021 at The Game Awards.

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