S Pen technology changes for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3


Although there were rumors that Samsung would offer the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with the S Pen, this claim did not come true. However, according to reports from South Korea, the company seems willing to offer pen support on its third generation foldable phone. Samsung is planning a change in S Pen technology to support the S Pen with Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology is used in the Galaxy Note series. This technology, which works with passive pens, works more accurately and with less delay compared to pens using active electrostatic solution (AES).

However, it is stated that Samsung had problems in integrating and flexing the EMR digitizer with Ultra Thin Glass and therefore stopped placing the S Pen in the Galaxy Z Fold 2. According to the research firm UBI Research, Samsung will first try to solve these problems. If no solution is found, a transition will be made to AES technology.

AES technology is used in Microsoft’s Surface devices and Apple’s iPads. It is stated that the sensors needed by this technology with motion detection feature can make the interior design of Samsung’s AMOLED screens more complex.

There seems to be a longer time to meet the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. The foldable screen phone is expected to become official in the second half of 2021. Therefore, it will not be a surprise to hear new and different news about the Z Fold 3 and S Pen support in the upcoming period.

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