Ryan Seacrest had to change his underwear on the American Idol show…


A time of rapid change. Ryan Seacrest had to change his underwear during the finale of the American Idol show when his stylist noticed that his outfit left little to the imagination of viewers at home.

“America voted and said that there is an anatomy in the frame. There was just a panic about it, and we changed it,” the 47—year-old radio host recalled on Monday, May 23, on the episode of “Live with Ryan and Kelly” about the “awkward moment.” Seacrest had just switched to advertising when he was alerted to this problem. “We go to a commercial and [my stylist Miles Siggins] says, ‘Can I tell you something? We need to change your underwear,” Seacrest said. “I said, ‘What do you mean, we need to change our underwear?’

Unfortunately, Ryan Seacrest’s on-air personality didn’t bring an extra pair of underpants to the final event on Sunday, May 22. “[He said], ‘Don’t worry, I got mine,'” Seacrest recalled. “He’s English, so his hair is shorter and narrower. It was tight, stretchy underwear.”

The producer continued: “It was in the middle of a live performance! We go backstage during the commercial and find a little corner, and I literally take off my pants, underwear and put it on. …Everything for [American Idol]. It’s a family show!”

While Seacrest was laughing at the sudden wardrobe change, co-host Kelly Ripa came up with a much simpler solution to keep things PG on screen. “No, no, no. Change the camera!” said the 51-year-old graduate of All My Children. “I would say: “Take this camera and put it down from here.” I’m not wearing [Miles’ underpants].”

The Georgia native has had his share of fashion gaffes during his 20-year stint as the host of American Idol.

At that time , he continued: “I should never do that. I do not know if someone else should do it, but certainly not me.”

Seacrest also made headlines during the American Idol season 18 finale in May 2020, when fans noticed that he was slightly slurring his words and that his right eye seemed larger than his left. At the time, Us confirmed that he was suffering from exhaustion and needed to take the next day off live with Kelly and Ryan.

“Ryan is hosting his [radio show] live and [is] getting ready to go to Austin to audition for American Idol,” a source told us about the TV host’s health a month later. “He admits that he needs to find time to rest during these busy work windows.”